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    1. The screensaver will not activate as long as my wireless mouse controller is plugged into the USB port. Same mouse does not cause same problem on computer with XP.

    2. Data written from Vista to usb jump drive does not show up when drive is inserted into an XP machine. Data written to jump  drive from XP is accessible on Vista machine.

    3. Windows Media Center DVD playback jerky, skips, and flickers, is unwatchable. Windows Media Player plays the DVDs just fine on same computer.


    I looked hard for a new computer that had XP installed and they are no longer available. If you want to report a bug to microsoft you have to register to some dashboard site and put a bunch of resource hogging programs on your computer that monitor your hardware and software. You also have to go through a big list of different categories in which none match the problem that you are trying to report. Now Im sure that there will be a service pack 2 complete with its own bugs and problems. I am seriously considering wiping my hard drive clean and starting over with XP (Which means paying out more to Microsoft). No doubt Vista will go the way of Windows ME, being replaced by another OS prematurely and then support for it will suddenly be dropped, leaving people like me with an expensive junk system with no support and no compensation.


    Yes Vista does do some things better, but the loss in performance speed and the bugs make it barely worth having.


    Microsoft had a good thing with XP. I believe that resources would have been much better spent upgrading XP instead of starting over.


    Very frustrated

    Sunday, June 8, 2008 5:02 PM