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    I am using Lenovo X1 Laptop also i have removed preloaded OS & install new one Windows 7 Enterprise.After that i have installed Backup SW(Memeo Instant) & antivirus is another one heavy sw,outlook,itunes etc.But when i login & check without any application start its taking nearly 1.3 GB memory.After that i have checked in task manager but its not showing who is using much memory in task manager.Some applcaitions like symantec & backup sw taking nearly total 40 MB memoty.So where is my other memory goes beacause of this reason my itunes or outlook stucks & i cant work.Hope so you will give me proper solution beacause i dont want to reformat the OS as the guy is CEO.

    2.Is there any impact if use external drive ? means if ready boost work then let me know how it will use full for performance level in wodows 7.

    Microsft:Required help here.



    Rajesh Gundekar



    Thursday, September 29, 2011 7:42 AM

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