DPM 2010 - Backup Hyper-V guests on Cluster Shared Volume using HBA's RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    First, here is a brief description of our current environment:

    • One cluster composed of 4 Hyper-V, installed with Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise Core.
    • Each host is running on an HP DL360G7 with 8 network cards (1 Management, 1 Cluster network, 1 CSV network, 1 Live Migration network and 4 Hyper-V Guests networks) and a dual port QLogic iSCSI HBA (QLE4062C) for SAN connectivity.
    • The QLogic HBA are connecting to an HP LeftHand iSCSI SAN composed of 4 nodes (2x P4300 and 2x P4300G2)
    • 8 Cluster Shared Volumes are used to host all the guest VM with their VHD's on the SAN.
    • DPM 2010 is used to backup the all the VM at the host level (not within the guest).

    Now for the issue:

    As mentioned above, I am using DPM 2010 to backup all the Hyper-V guests from the hosts that are part of the cluster with Cluster Shared Volumes. I therefore have downloaded and installed the VSS Hardware provider provided by HP Lefthand.
    This was working until I installed the QLogic HBA in each host.
    Now that the iSCSI connection is established at the HBA level (no TCPIP connectivity presented to the OS), the LeftHand VSS provider cannot connect to the SAN to create the snapshot, when DPM requests a backup to get started of any of the VM guests on the cluster.
    So I thought this could be fixed by either using a separate network card within the host and connected it up to the SAN network, or by simply install the Ethernet Controller driver for the QLogic adapter so that it is also recognised as an ethernet controller.
    After doing the above (I've tested both), the VSS Hardware provider can see the SAN (TCPIP connectivity is established at the OS level) and is able to create a snapshot at the SAN level.

    The problem is that, after the VSS hardware provider has created the snapshot on the SAN, the Hyper-V host cannot establish an iSCSI session to this snapshot to start the backup.
    The Application event log on the host shows the following error:
    Event ID 266 - HP P4000 VSS Provider: "Failed to connect snapshot LUN , 0x80001034 - Volume connection failure."

    I can see the actual snapshot volume in the Microsoft iSCSI initiator, but the status keeps saying: "Reconnecting" and eventually, the DPM backup fails and the error above is logged in the event log.

    I'm sure it is a configuration issue, and that I missing something here, so any suggestion would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012 1:25 PM

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  • Update on the issue

    I did some more testing on this issue and managed to make it work.
    Although I still need to confirm the exact process, it looks like the following would work:

    • Uninstall the HBA iSCSI QLogic driver.
    • Reconfigured the HBA to factory default (with DHCP so there is no SAN connectivity in my case).
    • Use the QLogic Ethernet card to establish a connection to the SAN (effectively using the HBA as a plain Ethernet controller).
    • Re-establish the SAN connectivity through the HBA. At this point, I have a dual connection: One through the Microsoft iSCSI initiator with the QLogic Ethernet controller and one through the HBA QLogic.
    • Disconnect the QLogic Ethernet connection.
    • Establish the second connection with the HBA QLogic (Second port).

    After I did the above, the backup started working by automatically using the QLogic Ethernet connection (A little slower, but it's only backup).

    Monday, March 12, 2012 10:12 PM