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  • I am creating a number of scorecards with a high number of manually maintained KPI’s (maintained via PPS Planning).


    As information to the users I would like to include a “Scorecard status” text part on the published scorecard. To hold this I planned to create a Sharepoint list and then display this on the scorecard and linked to the period filter. Then a new status could be displayed for each period based on with the same filter as used on the scorecard.


    The only way I have found that I can display this “Sharepoint list” from Monitor, is to create a web page report.


    An alternative is to edit the published scorecard in Sharepoint and add the web part.


    What is best practice in combining standard sharepoint web parts like “Shared Documents” to a scorecard in Monitor?


    Is the any way I can control web part properties from monitor, i.e. like filters and display properties?



    Tuesday, December 30, 2008 10:06 AM