Just how different is Windows 7 from Vista? RRS feed

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  • We are developing Windows native application that is 32-bit native Windows executable. It is GUI application built with Visual C++ 2008 using MFC as a framework. As for what it does - it is a proprietary trading application that does a lot of network communication with our server components and displays results using standard windows controls (dialogs and grids mostly).

    All our current users in the office and developers (except me) are using Windows XP. I use Vista 32 bit (I decided to be a guinea pig). Soon we will make application available for outside users and there is a good chance some of them will use Windows 7.

    Our plan is to support Windows XP 32, Vista 32 and Windows 7 32 bit (possibly 64 bit too for Vista and W7 but this is a topic for a different conversation). At this point I am confident we have no compatibility issues with Windows XP and Vista. I also downloaded and installed trial version of W7 64 bit and our application runs there fine but I only spent 30 minutes testing it under W7.

    At this time we can't put anybody in the office on Windows 7 full time to be a guinea pig for this OS.

    Given that our application works fine under Vista - what are the chances it will be problem free under W7? I understand all you can give is a guess but this is good enough.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010 6:33 PM