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  • I have installed Windows Vista, and the driver for my Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection is installed and everything seems ok.  But when I try to find any wireless networks I get the message that I have to turn on the wireless switch.  The problem is that it's already on, and the lamp that says the switch is on isn't lit.  Why isn't it working when Vista is finding the right driver?
    Sunday, July 2, 2006 11:36 PM

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  • Sven, although I don't have Windows Vista ( at least I don't think I do ... not sure what it is ), I too have this problem with my Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection. It says it's switched off, but I don't have an actual switch anywhere on my laptop. And the wireless has worked in the past ... it has "switched off" a couple of times, and for no apparent reason would "switch on", but I have no idea how or why. Uninstalling / reinstalling the drivers didn't help, and I am unable to physically remove the hardward and reseat it as it is built in ...

    Did you ever get a resolution to this problem? Am dying to know ... thanks.

    Sunday, October 29, 2006 4:45 PM
  • Erika,

      Post back the following questions:

    1. machine type/model or part number (i.e.  IBM ThinkPad T41 type 2372-311) - be very detailed with this

    2. OS - also include lastest service pack version loaded on system - and build number

    3. BIOS version loaded on system

    4. Does your system have bluetooth compatibility

    I loaded Vista Beta 1 on one of my IBM ThinkPad T41 laptops and had the same problem.  I fixed it by loading an older version of the Intel Pro Wireless driver.  I had two of them working for me - neither was the one that was working with my previous XP version.  Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exact which two worked for me (I think one of them was the Intel PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection - cannot remember the other one).  I had to blow the beta OS because my wife's HP laptop had to go to HP's Cali's facilities to get a fan, battery and motherboard replacement - thus taking away my primary Vista testbox - but gotta please wifey ;-).

    Also - another thing you may want to look at - you may have old OS version entries

    Anyway - give me more details to the above questions - I may be able to help you on this.

    John Jordan

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:14 AM