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  • Hi All,

    I am using SSRS 2005. I have a List with some text boxes and a table that displays all the data I need from one dataset. Now I have created a second data set called currency, which displays all distinctive currency types in a table e.g. AUD, USD, SGD,EUR etc... there's 27 rows in total. Which I want to display on the last page after the initial data set.

     I am trying to display these rows in a list or table, but when I do SSRS only repeats the first row only. so I get AED, AED, AED. I have tried different combos of tables, textboxes within a list but can't get it to work. I also tried using a paramater with the values entered manually but for some reason it was repeating them as well.

    Once the currency values are displayed I will need another column to enter some calculated values from the first data set.

    This should be pretty simple right, can anyone suggest the best way to do this.


    Thursday, September 05, 2013 2:09 AM


  • It seems that SSRS is linking the new table with the data from the first table, when it should be just a separate data set. SSRS is placing a row after every page set of data from the first table

    Table 1 Page 1 (first total page) data set 1

    aaaa  1223 4444

    bbbb 3333 5555

    cccc 6666 8888

    Table 2 page 1 (2nd total page) data set 2

    dddd 2121

    Table 1 Page 2 (3rd total page) data set 1

    ssss 33434

    ddd 55556

    eee 55532

    Table 2 page 1 (4th total page) date set 2(exactly same)

    ddd 2121

    So it repeats the same row from table 2 after every page. When i am trying to show every row from that data set together at the end of the report.

    The first table has 3 grouping row setup, not sure if that is relevant but thought I should mention it.
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