Corporate desktop background installed keeps resizing/tiling on laptops when undocked from external monitors. Help! RRS feed

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  • I am asking for help in support of our IT team that is having trouble resolving our issue. 

    Our company rebranded recently and has a custom background screen we'd like to use. The background looks fine on desktop computers. It's the laptops we have issues with. 

    The majority of our corporate laptops in use have a docking station tied to one or two external monitors. Upon docking and initially starting up the computer, the background screen looks perfect on both the laptop screen and the external monitor(s). When the laptop is disconnected from the docking station, or re-connected to the docking station, the background messes up and ends up tiling across the background in two pieces.

    How do we fix this? How can we get the background to resize automatically? The standard windows backgrounds have no issue when moving from laptop to docking and resize automatically.   

    Any help is appreciated! 

    Windows 10 Pro

    HP Elitebook laptop

    Sunday, March 15, 2020 10:59 PM

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  • well, it's really difficult to say without having seen your BGInfo configuration.. anyway let's start making some assumption..

    Did you distribute the background bitmap to every machine before running bginfo or did you use the settings of bginfo to distribute it?

    Can you please confirm that the settings at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop are the one set by BGinfo and weren't changed by windows upon dock/undock?

    What settings did you choose for the wallpaper position? Personally, not knowing the real size of the monitors attached I would use a bitmap a little small of the lowest resolution that will be applied, and then use the Stretch setting so it will adapt successfully to every desktop it will run on. 

    The problem with this setting that I just discovered is that if I choose stretch, bginfo takes the bitmap I choose for the background and adapt it to the screen and then set Tile in the registry.

    I have two monitor and this is the result in my case:

    As you can see you get both the bitmaps and so bginfo set the registry to Tile so he can fix the bitmap to the left high corner and forgot about the size of the second monitor.

    To overcome this you can write a cmd script that first run bginfo setting the bitmap centered and then a couple of reg command to delete the center setting and create the stretched one.. this way windows will take care of the issue, hopefully.

    Another idea, more complex is to detct the dock/undock event and run bginfo again:

    	Dim objEventObject
    	Dim objDefault ' wmi root\default namespace
    	Set objDefault = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\default")
    	Set colMonitoredEvents = objDefault.ExecNotificationQuery _ 
    	("Select * from RegistryValueChangeEvent WITHIN "& "1" & " WHERE " & _
    		"Hive='" & "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' AND " & _
    		"KeyPath='SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\IDConfigDB\\CurrentDockInfo' AND " & _
      Set objEventObject = colMonitoredEvents.NextEvent()
      WScript.Echo objEventObject.Path_.Class & " Detected!"

    But anyway, let's start having a look to your configuration.. and see where we can go..


    Monday, March 16, 2020 8:03 AM