Need Help - connect Vista Home Premuim to Apple Time Capsule disk RRS feed

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  • I have already spent numerous hours researching the internet and have tried many configuration changes, but I am still unable to connect a new Vista Home Premuim laptop to the internal disk on a new 1TB Apple Time Capsule (I also have an XP SP3 machine that will also not connect to the disk, but the Vista is my current priority).  The Vista can always see and connect to the TC's wireless network.  The TC is configured to allow file sharing using the TC device password.  However, when either trying to hit the TC's IP address directly (\\\data\) from Explorer or using the TC's name (\\TCname.local\data\), I get nothing but errors - but sometime different errors.  The most common error is "Windows can see that is online, but cannot connect.  Check name......"  When diagnosing the issue, Vista suggest enable NetBIOS on TCP port 445.  I also get various other errors, include "network name cannot be found", and others.

    I have gone into the network properties, and in the WINS tab selected the radio button for "enable NetBIOS".  This made no difference. Also, from the command prompt, typing ipoconfig /all reveals that NetBIOS on TCP/IP is DISABLED.

    In general, I'd REALLY appreciate any help trying to troubleshoot why the Vista machine cannot connect to the TC.  To date, I actually have been able to connect the Vista to the TC following a hard reboot of the TC.  However, the connection is usually lost within 5-10 mins of Vista being idle, and then I'm back to the constant errors.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 2:15 AM