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  • So, I just built this computer a few months ago. As soon as I started using it, I was getting hangs/lock ups and random reboots. At first it was quite random, but as time progressed, it seems to only be affected by some certain actions. What I've found to cause it, is when using a 3D modelling program called blender. When rendering a project, it makes it 99.999% through, then hangs. Also, when trying to render a project with Windows Movie Maker. Again, it makes it between 80%-99.999%, then hangs. The same thing happens when trying to play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. (It doesn't happen with any other game, so it could probably just be the game itself. Worth noting anyways). 

    I've ran chkdsk, and Windows Memory Diagnostic, and neither seem to be the problem. I've fuddled through Event Viewer, to which I found some AODDriver service problems, which I seemed to have fixed myself. 

    I had sent the motherboard in to get checked, since that seemed most appropriate at the time. It came back with no errors, so now my leading assumption is towards the CPU. 

    I'm sure this must be quite vague, but if anyone has ever encountered similar or identical problems, and have helpful solutions, it would be greatly appreciated! 
    Sunday, December 14, 2014 8:47 PM


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