Windows updates blocked chrome, vm, remote connection,etc.. PLEASE HELP RRS feed

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    I'm a college student who is currently taking an operating system class. I use a virtual machine(vagrant) to store my code and I haven't pushed to git. I code for three days while after the updates I can't vagrant up.


    1. Can't vagrant up, (I turned off Hyper V already, since for some problems I can't use vagrant when Hyper V is up)

    C:/HashiCorp/Vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.5/gems/vagrant-2.2.5/lib/vagrant/util/is_port_open.rb:21:in `initialize': The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized. - socket(2) for "" port 2222 (Errno::E10106)
    2. Can't use chrome

    3. Can't open Atom

    4. Can't use remote connection

    5. Can't get my computer back to the previous version, need to reset everything.

    I store my code in virtual machine and I really don't want to reset my computer since it takes me hours to set the environment and write my homework. I have disabled updates right after I found out the problem.



    Wednesday, July 10, 2019 5:46 AM