Ping task of Gateway Agents from a gateway server, how to populate the override group. RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to make sure the heartbeat ping recovery task is able to run for agents that are reporting to gateway servers. 

    I'm following this document, so we will take care of the firewall rules and I'll have to look into the automatic agent action account portion but my question right now is about using overrides for the task to change the source computer of that ping.  We have 7 gateway zones so I would like to make an easily scalable way to make sure that new servers that are added to each gateway zone, are automatically configured to be pinged from their gateway server. It seems straight forward but the part I'm not sure about is what class of objects I should be using to populate that override group. Should it be the windows computer objects? that is easy to do since I can use the DNS Domain name to populate the group. Or should the group be populate with health service watcher objects? if so I'll have to find a way to dynamically populate that group properly.

    Let me know what you think. 

    Friday, August 16, 2019 4:39 PM