Live migration fails for VM's with Shared disks (VHDSet) on windows server 2016 VMM cluster


  • Hi, 

    We have problems with live migration of Virtual machines that have shared VHDSet disks. The migration fails with error: 
    The virtual machine VM is not compatible with physical computer HOST. (Virtual machine ID 234-234234-345-4234).

    Our Hyper-V hosts have all the same Hardware all storage is on CSV, i tried it with CPU Compatibility for hosts with different processor version, but this makes no difference. 

    I can move VM's without VHDSET disks without a problem 

    Quick migration does work with machine's with VHDSet disks. 

    Anyone else experienced this or knows what we can do to fix this? 

    any help is much appreciated. 



    Monday, January 29, 2018 10:37 AM

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