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  • Hey everyone,


    I have a distributed PerformancePoint installation - a SQL 2005 server named SQL03 and a SharePoint server named MOSSPORTAL.  SQL03 is also my SSAS installation.  So, only 2 machines are involved with this installation.  I have configured monitoring server on both servers - with monitoring server running on SQL03 machine.  I have MOSSPORTAL configured as well to contain the PerformancePoint web parts.  For the connection tests, I am simply using a browser from MOSSPORTAL, so, there are not any 3rd client scenarios, or double-hop situations.


    I have built a simple KPI aimed at a simple SSAS 2005 cube.  I have a scorecard with that KPI created, and a simple dashboard that contains only that scorecard.


    When I click on preview from Dashboard Designer, the preview works, as the preview page is coming from the SQL03 machine, with the typical preview URL, since this is where the monitoring server is installed.


    When I deploy to MOSSPORTAL, I get the PerformancePoint master page to launch, but in the area where the scorecard is to appear on the dashboard I get:  Web Part Error: An unexpected error has occurred.


    Finally, when I physically edit a SharePoint page on MOSSPORTAL, and add in the PerformancePoint Dashboard Item webpart, I am able to successfully navigate to the scorecard and have it display appropriately.


    So - my thoughts... because the PerformancePoint Dashboard item does work correctly - bringing data back from the cube, I feel as if my permissions from SharePoint to the cube are fine.  And, I understand why the preview works - because its hitting a different site.


    Why won't the deployment to SharePoint work?





    Thursday, March 13, 2008 3:57 PM


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