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  • Hi guys, just have questions how i can implement a new idea.

    Il try to explain our situation.  We have our current domain called: "".  in our company we have seperate businesess, all under that one domain.  We have an exchange, skype 4 bussiness,citrix,...

    Due some organizational changes, they decided that every business needs its own "domain prefix".  i have readsome few scenarios, but i was questioning what is the best to do, since they all gonna use the same infrastructure...

    scenario 1: i created in exchange a prefix for that department in email adress rules (, so every users gets also his own prefix. In this scenario i was wondering, how is skype reacting to this.  We can't tell to the outside, use for that contactperson:  the customers must be able to skype with  also the authentication for the internal users, must also work with

    I think this scenario giving lots of troubles, so other scenario is to create a new domain maybe? 

    Intrested in your toughts and best-practises.  so we can use all the same exchange, s4b,citrix environments...



    Wednesday, June 13, 2018 12:28 PM

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