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  • I've been running DPM 2010 for a few years. Last week 3 drives on the RAID failed and I lost all the data stored on the RAID. After hardware repair & reconfig, DPM sees the storage again but as a new drive (different SID.) After running DPMSync & DPMSync -reallocateReplica, I restored replicas from tapes.

    I can manually create recovery points for all Protection Groups. About half of my protection groups are working fine, creating Recovery Points on schedule. The other half have the same green checks and look okay, BUT ARE NOT CREATING RECOVERY POINTS ON SCHEDULE. It's really strange.

    I tried Modifying one of the problem Protection Groups and slightly changed the schedule so the Protection Group would be updated. This didn't help. I also Stopped Portection (saving data) and Recreated a Protection Group. Same problem.

    There are no alerts and the Protection Groups show green on the Protection Tab. However, when I go to Recovery tab, there are no recovery Points available except the recovery points that I created  manually.

    Monday, March 3, 2014 7:07 PM

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