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  • Hi there,

    I am using the ACT scan to get insight into the amount of applications not being compatible with Windows 7. After syncing data with MS Compatibility Exchange there are very little results. For only less than 20% of the total amount of MS software the vendor assessment gives some data?! What's the use of this scan I would say?

    Also the results vary somewhat between two sync actions with only a time span of about 10 minutes or so between two syncs?!

    Has anyone got the same experience?



    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 8:31 AM


  • Chris, application compatibility is a major task a lot of corporations and indivuduals face when updating thier OS or favorite app to a new release.

    There are many third party tools, and several Microsoft technologies that can give you an audit reporting on you deskotps and servers and what's installed.

    In practical terms, there is no magic bullet to resolve this. The tools will help you create and maintain a good foundation list of applications used.

    For example:

    you have 2000 desktops, running 95 and your migrating to Windows 7, now, you have standard apps you will find on a pc, office, antivirus, etc...
    now for the sake of the example you end up with a full list of around 200 products installed (third party data drivers, applications, etc..) optomistically you will find that you can resolve about 60% of them to be either windows 7 or not. You will end up with 40% that you will need to do leg work on, from that 40% you will find about 60% of that remaining are resovled via newer versions.. like MyDataDrivers ver 4.3 for Windows 7, which replaces the 3.2 version. now that remaining bit, we will call the "grey area" you will need to contact those product vendors, and see what they say.

    It will also help to have a couple virtual pc's or some test desktops to perform application testing on your own. My experiance is that many good apps, that were will put together will work on Windows 7, or windows 7 and set it to run in compatibility mode.

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