Language changes in unattend.xml causes pop up on login


  • Hi all,

    We deploy Windows 10 CBB November Update via SCCM. When we use the unattend.xml with the default values of en-US and 0409:00000409 the install progresses as normal, if we change the language settings to use en-GB then we get a UAC pop-up on each first user login. We are installing the language pack as part of the process, I have tried installing it offline in WinPE, and online in the OS, both have the same result.


    The UAC prompt will disappear after about a minute, and the devices are configured with the correct locale and language, but it is generating helpdesk calls for new users. We are making sure to save the file as UTF-Encoding in UTF-8.


    Has anybody else had this experience, we didn't have this issue with Windows 8.1 deployments, however users were local admins on their machines.



    Friday, March 10, 2017 4:55 PM

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