Transport rule based on amount of recipients? RRS feed

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  • In Exchange 2007, is there a registry hack or any other way to create a transport rule with a condition based on a number of recipients a message has?  Is this planned for a future SP?

    It is possible to limit how many recipients a user may send to, and also which groups a user may send to.  This is great because if you have an angry employee that just got fired, he can't send the whole organisation an angry message.  However if he tries then he receives a NDR which explains that his message did not get through, which may cause him to try other means.  I would much prefer that the email is simply diverted to the system administrators and the sender is not alerted, which gives the sysadmins time to act.  A transport rule seems ideal for this ("if message has >50 recipients and blah, then..."), but I'm open to other ideas.  I know that I can change the content of NDRs but this doesn't seem ideal.

    Any ideas, please let me know!  thanks!
    Friday, July 6, 2007 2:47 AM