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  • The problem I am having is that IE9 x32 on Windows 7 Home Premium x64 stalls and freezes.

    The problem started about a month or so ago. Prior to that, it worked fine. I suspected that this may have started after a "Windows Update" but I have no way to know that.

    IE9 x64 has run fine and continues to run fine.

    When starting IE9 x32, I get an "about:blank" page as I have configured it.

    When browsing to "any" URL, the page will usually load or at least partly load, but will remain non-responsive (stalls) for a long time (2 to 5 minutes or longer), or entirely freezes. While stalled or frozen, the window does not respond to clicks of links on the page, or movement of the scroll-bars. Sometimes, no part of the page is (visibly) loaded and the window remains frozen.

    After a sufficient amount of time (usually minutes), the window may become responsive again. The scroll-bars begin to work fine and (for example) control/or/shift-clicking on page links opens the link in a new tab/window works and the (original) page remains responsive... the newly opened page will usually stall or freeze.

    Sometimes the page will load fine, or results in only short delays of 5 to 30 seconds, and clicked links will also open fine but this never lasts very long... after clicking to other pages or refreshing the current page it will quickly begin to stall or freeze again.

    If I start IE9 x32 in "No-Addons" mode, it will always work fine.

    I have tried starting IE9 x32 "normal" mode (WITH Addons) and retested after disabling each addon, one by one, until all are disabled. But, in normal mode it will always (eventually) stall or freeeze even if all addons are manually disabled. Before each retest, I used Taskmgr to end all IE processes first. It does not seem to fail more or less frequently or severely with selected addons enabled or with all addons manually disabled.

    Through all of this, IE9 x64 continues to work fine.

    I thought about trying to reset/clear the Winsock Catalog but I don't know if this could help or how to do it.

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    Reset ie9,

    Check the box to Delete personal settings when prompted,

    If the 64 bit version works you have a funky addon,

    Click the Start button and type,

    internet explorer

    Click on the No add-ons listing.

    Could be a internet provider/ Security suite/ Privacy blocker addon which is corrupting ie9 32 bit,

    Click the Start button and click on Control panel,

    Click on Uninstall a program/ Programs and Features,

    Look for any programs without a Publisher or odd names like Privacy safeguard or Unfriender....

    Monday, January 28, 2013 11:28 PM
  • Hello dissed,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The links you provided basically talk about running IE in no-addon mode, and doing a "reset" of IE.

    I am sort of at a dead-end troubleshooting this with no-addon mode because in no-addon mode IE 9 x32 works fine but I can't tell which (if any) addon is causing the problem because if I run in normal (addons enabled) mode, and manually disable ALL addons, it still frequently stalls or freezes.

    Since IE9 x32 works fine in no-addon mode, how will doing a "reset" help me find the problem... how will I know which addon was causing the problem ? This is the same situation I have now... it works in no-addon mode but I don't know which addon is causing the problem.

    The other "issue" with doing a "reset" on IE9, is that it seems to be a sort of a thing to do as a last resort because all settings and data are lost. I would first like to save (export...) all settings and files to be able to restore IE after the reset. With a reset, "Favorites" are preserved (and easily backed up anyway), and Cookies can be exported/imported.

    But there are many other settings like:
    1) Internet Options -> Tabs -> Settings
    2) Internet Options -> Security -> Internet Settings -> Security level -> Custom level
    3) Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites
    4) Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites  -> Security level -> Custom level
    5) Internet Options -> Content -> Autocomplete -> Settings
    6) Internet Options -> Programs -> HTML editor
    7) Internet Options -> Advanced -> Settings

    Plus, I'd like to be able to preserve my Browsing History.

    How do I save/restore (export/import) all these other settings and data when I do a reset of IE9 ?


    Friday, March 8, 2013 8:37 AM