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    I have MS Project 2010 Professional that I'm using as a resource management tool.   I have about 45 people (resources) that are allocated across multiple projects.  Lets use the example of "chuck". 

    Chuck is a developer.   I have him on several projects.   His allocation during this week is across 3 projects (his tasks aren't important, just that he's allocated to certain projects) His allocation is 25% on one, 25% on another, and finally 50% on the third.

    Now - extrapolate this out further - with 45 developers/Testers/etc.    Is there anywhere besides the Gantt Chart or the resource charts that I can get this percentage to show ( I would think you could just customize the chart/bar/whatever and add that field - but nope...)  

    Ideally this would show in the team planner.   Right now I have in the team planner "time blocks" which is fine, but I cannot see the allocation within that time block.    Chuck is scheduled to work on those three projects within 1 week.   Right now, on the Team Planner it shows 3 "blocks" the exact same size.  This is fine as the duration for the 3 projects chuck is on are all 1 week in length.   What I would like is if it said in that block the percentage allocation.    so I would have 3 blocks that are the same time length, but show the different allocations. In many project environments (as everyone knows) there are situations where 4 hours of work needs to be done within a 5 business day time frame, but in no particular order (such as in AGILE where the timeblock is the important part) .  This should be able to be shown but I can't find it for even other views, let alone the Team Planner view.  

    Is there anyway I can show this (in the team planner preferably)   I'm not finding this on-line anywhere, and I'm seeing others that seemingly would like this function as well...

    It would be very VERY helpful to be able to look at Chuck's name, see the 3 time blocks in the same time period but each block showing allocation (then, you just add up the percentage and see how the resource compares to the project portfolio)

    Thanks for reading this - I know it was long but I wanted to be clear.    Any suggestions would be helpful!


    Thursday, January 24, 2013 12:34 AM

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  • Hi,

    Go to Resource Usage view. Right-Click on te right part. Click Detail Styles. Look for Percent allocation, select that, click Show. There you are.

    And before you ask, sorry, I don't know how to show percentages in Team Planner. 


    • Proposed as answer by EDMONTON RKS Saturday, January 26, 2013 1:59 AM
    Thursday, January 24, 2013 9:00 AM