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  • Team ,

    Package  Flow : Simple Load from Flat file to SQL Destiantion  , Scheduled Daily .

    DFT==>FFS==>DataConversion==>SQL Load .

    Error Rows via Data Conversion moved over to SQL Table "SSIS Error" .

    Just wondering what would be the best practise to re-load  errored rows while in DFT . I've seen some  rows had few datatype mismatches and few of them had truncation errors and are  sucessfully floated over to my  mapped "SSIS Errors" destination tables  in SQL Server.

    I have  a default column in my "SSIS Error" table which uniquely identifies package name and Date time  the error rows had flowed in . SO is it a wise idea to Set up and Email Task  immediately at the end of DFT , so that i would get notified on a condition : Eg: Send Email  to me if any   rowcount >1 in "SSIS Errors"  table for specifc scheduled execution ?

    We are anticipating these errors to be corrected very soon  at source side , But in the interim is there a  best practise to re-laod data from Error Tables  ( after being corrected ) to  Destination ?Do i go about creating a different package to handle this ?

    Thanks in advance for your pointers !

    Rajkumar Yelugu

    Monday, August 26, 2013 7:03 AM


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