Change Cipher for a receive connector??


  • We are part of a big secure email network, where each site has receive connectors setup to receive emails from the main site in a secure fashion.  The big site is in the process of moving from 128 to 256, so each site has to generate/install new SSL certs and at the same time we are installing new intermediate certs.

    I am having issues with one of my sites where the Cipher is only doing 128SHA (see below), but other sites I manage are doing DHE-RSA-AES265-SHA.

    The main site keeps telling me its an issue with my SSL certs but I have been looking through the list of certs on the server over and over again and I cannot find any of the old certs still lingering around.  

    I know very little about Cipher/SSL certs aside from how to configure them for services..etc, however as I look into this I am starting to think that perhaps this is an issue with Windows and not Exchange or the SSL cert.  

    Could it just be a matter of enabling the cipher in Windows (see reference link below)


    Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:56 PM


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