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  • Hi,

    I have a simple question but I cannot find an answer to it.

    question: How do i force DPM to have all Agent communication flow through the production Network and NOT use the backup Network?

    Situation: production Network  - this should be used for Agent communication - all Firewalls for this are open here - it works as Long as we do not add the backuplan to the Hosts we want to  backup.

    backup Network - this is configured in DPM as the backup Network - as stated on TechNet this subnet is also registered in DNS for all Hosts that we want to backup so DPM is able to resolve it

    Problem: Agent communication Fails regularly and backups too due to Agent communication errors

    Reason that we think is the cause of Agent communication: due to the requirement to resolve both the production net IP and backup net IP of every host we backup there are 2 records in DNS for each host. So what I have seen is that as long as DPM resolves the host Name to the production IP of the host, everything works fine (Firewalls are open for that network) but as soon as DNS returns the backup net IP, the Agent communication fails as this network is not open for Agent communication in our firewall. To make things worse I have seen that the DPM host Agent goes out on the production lan and tries to communicate with the Agent on the host using the backuplan. That is never going to work as Firewalls are only opened within the same subnet.

    I do not see any solution here. DPM offers powershell command to define a backup lan but how do I force the Agent communication to use only the production Network?

    Monday, March 10, 2014 9:28 AM

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