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  • I have two specific questions that I could use help on regarding call routing in Lync 2010.

    1. Within a voice policy, is it possible to set up the PSTN usage and Route so that when a user that has the voice policy assigned dials a specific number (for example, 911), it will use a certain gateway to dial out? There's a section under "Route" that allows you to specify a pattern to match. My initial thought was to define the specific number here and have a specific gateway associated with this route. I'll have this listed on top of the list of PSTN usage for the voice policy. So if the user dials any number other than the specific number (911) then the voice policy will skip the first listed PSTN usage and use the next PSTN Usage/Route.

    2. When you associate multiple PSTN gateways with a mediation pool, and make one of the PSTN gateways as "default", on what conditions would the mediation pool choose to route calls via one of the non-default PSTN gateways? Is it based on OPTIONS messages? 

    - I want a branch site to route calls via the central site's gateways, unless the inter-office WAN fails. Then I want the branch SBA to use its gateway to route calls out via POTS lines.

    Thanks for your help!


    Monday, April 29, 2013 6:15 PM


    1. Yes, you can setup an emergency PSTN usage/route for just 911 (or any combination of numbers) exactly as you describe. 
    2. How routing works depends on how you setup your routes/usages.  When you have multiple PSTN gateways, you can either assign all gateways to a specific route, or you can create separate usages/routes for each gateway.  When you put all gateways in a single route, then calls that use that route will round-robin between the gateways.  There is no preference and I don't believe the defaults you set in the topology have any bearing on gateway selection.  If you want to ensure calls go over a specific gateway unless its down, then use separate usages/routes.  Put the usage you want to have priority above the others in the voice policy.  All calls will use the higher priority gateway, unless its down.
    3. Same thing applies to SBAs.  Create a set of usages/routes for the SBA and a set for the central site. Put the central site usages above the SBAs usages in your voice policies.  All calls will then route via the central site, unless the WAN is down. 


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