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  • This is a lame question, I'm sure, so please humor me.

    If I look at the properties of Local Disk (C:), Vista reports "Used space" as 70.7 GB. If I sum the values reported as "Size on disk" from the property page of each directory off the root of drive C, I get a total of 56.2 GB. The root folder has another 3.5 GB of files, including the swap file, leaving a discrepency of roughly 11 GB (70.7 - 56.2 -3.5), or around 12% of the drive capacity.

    I understand that it is rare for a file to fill a sector completely, so there will almost always be wasted space in the last sector for each file. But, it was my understanding that the "Size on disk" includes the actual file size plus this surplus space in the last sector.

    What am I not accounting for that's eating up the extra disk space? Are there files not included in the "Size on disk" computation when viewing the properties for a folder?

    Monday, February 26, 2007 11:10 PM