Sharepoint online - Office 2010 upload failed


  • I have been battling with this issue for weeks now, with help from Microsoft support and our SharePoint vendor as well.  It isn't every file when this happens, but there is no indication as to why it happens in the first place.  This is the setup.

    SharePoint Online

    Locally we use Office 2010

    We have SharePoint online mapped to a drive for Windows Explorer view although it doesn't matter, upload failed happens on the website as well.  The only two workarounds I have found without figuring out why this even happens is copying the file locally, then just copying it back to SharePoint Online and overwriting the same file.  Also if we are in the website and use "excel/word online" it will work.  Similarly Office 2013 has no issues.

    This is the following things I have tried already with zero success.

    Upload failed troubleshooting
    Lowered all security settings in IE
    Added Sharepoint sites to IE Trust sites
    Repaired Office
    Cleared Office Cache
    Cleared Upload Cache
    Removed all logins from Windows Vault
    Removed Identity profiles from Regedit HKEY Office
    Reinstalled Office 2010
    Update Office (through windows update) and desktop software on the website.
    Removed updates one by one checking to see if one was causing it.
    Used Network Monitor to see any abnormalities when upload failed occurs.
    Checked Event monitor in windows

    Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:55 AM

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  • When you say 'upload failed' can you give more information about how it fails? All the detail you have please.

    Does this happen consistently for all users?

    Are the issues occuring in all site collections or just one or two?

    Are the issues occuring for all file in a document library?

    Do you get issues opening non Office documents such as text files using non Office apps?

    Are you using any enforced checkin/checkout on the libraries in question?

    Saturday, February 27, 2016 9:58 AM
  • Sorry for the slow reply.

    1.  It happens consistency for a few user (including the admin), but not for all files.

    2.  It is occurring in a few site collections, and new ones are discovered every day. 

    3.  Not all files, but a lot of them.  If you find one in a folder, most of them will fail.

    3.  no, its just office documents.

    4.  Some libraries have the checkin/checkout, but not the ones giving this error.

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 10:12 PM
  • More detail about how it's failing would still be useful. What exactly do your users see and have you checked the windows event log for any messages.
    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 11:35 PM
  • Users open up a .docx file on SharePoint online site which opens up office 2010 word, make a quick edit, and hit save. Upload failed.

    I have checked the windows event logs and ran a network scan and found nothing unusual.

    I have also removed all my antivirus programs and turned off the firewall which didn't work.

    Also have gone to another computer (same sharepoint login) in which everything works fine (still office 2010) and compared every office and IE setting.

    A work around right now is setting the "save" button to "save as" which brings up the exact folder the file came from, and they just click save, and it overwrites it.  Somehow that works, but the save button won't.

    Another work around is also checking out the file.  That allows me to save it, then check it back in.  This leads me to believe that the file might not ever fully close, so when I try to save it wont let me?  I wish I had more to go on, but it doesn't say anything, and since its SharePoint Online I can't check any logs.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016 5:51 AM
  • Have you found any resolution to this issue?

    We have had the same/ a similar issue since arround februari (only when googling today did i stumble upon yours), and have also attempted to resolve this with MS support, but quite quickly they concluded that as we used office 2010 it was out of their 'scope' for support. We will be having our account manager visit us in hopes of them putting us in contact with someone that can trouble shoot the problem in a better way.

    - What we have noticed is that once a file gets the upload failure it happens across any client (even office 2013 and 2016) for that specific file, even on a device that has never opened it, leading some of us to believe it is an issue with SharePoint itself that badly communicates back an error to the upload center. However a fiddler trace using a tool given to us by microsoft support didn't seem conclusive on their end to determine the issue.

    - Downloading the file and saving it locally changes its filesize slightly compared to the version downloaded from SharePoint online.

    - One of our consultants tried stripping metadata from the document before saving and reuploading, but that only seemed to create issues where office wouldn't upload due to missing metadata.

    - It is an issue that only happens sometimes, but once it has happened with a document chances of it happening again on a copy of that document seem to be 'larger'. (As some users are already using a _v4 and _v5 on some frequently edited documents as they have started to work arround the issue.)

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 2:20 PM