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  • Hi,


    The problem is quite simple, but I need some help;

    Im a final year computer sci student setting up a project server to monitor a project and perhaps use elsewhere someday.


    What I want to do is access http://server/pwa from


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that AAMs are the way to do this, but I cannot see, add or edit http://server/pwa in SP2010 >> Central Administration >> Alternate Access Mappings. I only see http://server and http://server:13818


    If I try to "edit public url", "add internal url" or "add external resource" in any of the AAM collections I get - error The URL format was invalid.


    I looked for pwa in the "change alternate access mappings collection" but I can only see "sharepoint - 80" and "central administration" , no pwa.


     How can I add an AAM for the pwa?






    - The setup is boxfresh (win2008 - sp2 - sharepoint2010 - project2010) (hardware isn't so fresh but is ok)


    - SP & project server installed gracefully but when running the SP config wizard afterwards, it threw "cannot create sample data".


    - the automatically-created pwa then showed as "failed - check application logs".


    - I deleted this pwa.


    - I made a new pwa


    - this gave "provisioned - but with errors; see the application log"


    - the new pwa worked fine despite this.


    - I then chose to "edit" the pwa settings, and after committing the edit, the pwa showed as "provisioned".




    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 6:58 PM


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