Windows PC's cannot access shared drive on HTPC in living room RRS feed

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  • I am about to loose it..hopefully someone can help me.

    Below is the issue and what i've done so far...below that are all three machines specs.

    Using my HTPC with XBMC installed I have 4 hard drives with media on them. 
    All 4 hard drives are inside the HTPC case. All 4 are SATA with the same specs.
    the most recent drive to come into the machine (drive 3) was installed about a month ago, brand new out of the box, I had to use Disk Manager to find it, format it, name it..it was up and running in no time and running FAST.

    I moved media to that new drive (drive E on my machine) it is now the second in the chain of 4 (the first is the OS drive it has nothing on it but the OS and the Media application) all the reamining drives with media are shared. I've shared them all the same way as well. Right click, go to properties, sharing, clicking off share on the box and then going to advanced sharing and setting EVERYONE to full control.

    all the drives but the new one E will let me see into them and access, add, swap, delete files...with E I get this: Windows cannot access  \\Media-pc\e

    "you do not have permission to access \\Media-pc\e. Contact your network administrator to request access"

    why? the settings are exactly the same as the other 2 drives. I am so confused...



    I've tried to unplug / plug in the hard drive. on reboot nothing changed.

    I've changed the drive letter

    I've moved it to a lower priority

    I've unchecked all the shares, applied that change and then reapplied the FULL control and other access ,...nothing.

    I've checked the workgroup name its the same as the other pc's network group names and i even checked the router...nothing is out of place.

    Windows Vista 64bit with all the trimmings and updates.
    4gb of DDR3 ram
    4 1tb Seagate SATA hard drives

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    8gb DDR3 ram

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
    6gb DDR2 ram

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  • wow 42 reads and no one wants to help...maybe i've stumped everyone here?

    google....here I come

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010 3:36 PM