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  • Hi there,

    I was able to get the 32 bit Oblivion game to run without the pesky grey title bar here with DisableThemes but the question now is to get it running under OBSE which is a script extender that runs Oblivion through its OBSE shell: obse_loader.exe.

    It will run Oblivion of course, but the title bar returns as the file is referenced from disk, not the ACT handle.

    Can DisableThemes be coded in a string_args?

    Then, having the source of OBSE, one might be able to compile it with Oblivion loaded this way, or launched from the ACT toolkit.

    More sensibly, could DisableThemes be coded in a .bat file containing the obse_loader.exe?

    Or something like the bat file containing:



    DoEvents until Oblivion is loaded


    At present, the cheapskate way is to launch Oblivion from ACT first , then quickly run obse_loader (which doesn't really work as alt-tabbing makes it unstable) so that it hooks on to the correct HWND.

    Edit: The other option is to compile another Oblivion.exe from Visual Studio launching the game. The VS environment vars nicely override the Desktop Theme ones. So really it's a problem with obse_loader.exe.

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  • Hi,

    I consider it should be incompatibility between this game and Windows 8.1.

    I would like to recommend you contact its support to see if there are some configuration to resolve this issue:

    Karen Hu
    TechNet Community Support

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