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  • We have our Windows Domain running on a couple of class C subnet x.y.48.*,  x.y.42.* etc which are part of our larger class B space.  Our Domain is essentially protected with ACLs, and we have ISA publishing some services (OWA etc) on another subnet x.y.27.* so that non domain members can use these services.  ISA is not a router in this network, there is just one Campus router for all subnets.

    Can we install UAG in this scenario somehow?  E.g. with it's internal NIC on x.y.48.100 and the external one on x.y.27.100 such that laptops can access this from our wireless network (which provides another class C address which is not part of the Domain's subnets) or from off site...



    Tuesday, September 14, 2010 9:55 AM


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