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    We have patch our SP1 2010 project server/project pro client with SP2 but when I take a look to the Project Pro client info, i got :

    Microsoft Project 2010 (14.0.7011.1000) SP2 MSO (14.0.7015.1000).

    So our project pro is a SP2 beta (14.0.7011.1000) updated with the definitive SP2 (14.0.7015.1000) ?

    On our project server setting, I retrict the version of project pro that could connect and I set 14.0.7015.1000.

    But with this restricting setting (14.0.7015.1000) and our project pro version (14.0.7011.1000 SP2 MSO 14.0.7015.1000), I'm unable to connect my project pro client due to my restriction setting but I don't understand why ?

    It's ok if the restricting setting is set to 14.0.7011.1000 but I want to used/set standard SP2, not the beta Sp2 ?

    As we have installed all standard SP2, why we got some SP2 beta in our setting ?

    kind regards


    Wednesday, October 1, 2014 8:11 AM

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  • Hi,

    When you see Microsoft Project 2010 (14.0.7011.1000) SP2 MSO (14.0.7015.1000), you should refer to the first number for your MS Project Pro build number, meaning 14.0.7011.1000. So if you restrict version under 14.0.7015.1000, it is normal that you cannot connect to Project Server. 

    In your case it means that you upgraded Project Server (2nd number) but not MS Project Pro (first number).

    Thus either you upgrade also MS Project Pro or you set the version minimum number in the server settings down to 14.0.7011.1000.

    Here is an excellent article about this tricky topic.

    Hope this helps,

    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014 12:31 PM
  • Thanks.

    In Control Panel,  Programs and Features ,I took a look to Microsoft Project pro Version column and it's 14.0.7015.1000.

    Don't understand :-(

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014 1:59 PM
  • Try to repair Project from the control panel to see if it helps.

    Hope this helps,

    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014 2:02 PM