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  • I have problems to some of my computers where users cannot access their home folder (and they can access their home folder on other computers)
    Im running Server 2008 R2 on the server and Windows 7 on the clients.

    To drill down my problem I log in as a domain administrator on an not working machine:

    * I cannot access \\server\home$ (access is denied)
    * I can access \\server.domain.com\home$
    * I can access \\ipaddress_server\home$
    * I can access \\server\othershare$

    When i rename the share I can access it, and when I share an other folder with the name home$ I cannot access it.
    From other computers \\server\home$ works fine (and some others it doesn't)

    I can create a drive mapping to \\server\home$ but as soon as i open the drive mapping I get the "Access Denied" message.

    A reboot of the server (& Computer) didn't solve this problem and i have no errors in the eventlog.

    As a workarround I can use the FQDN of the server to access the share, but who says this one doesnt stop working in a few weeks?

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  • For someone with simmular issues:

    It had to do with a corrupted CSC cache (since we use branch cache on this share).

    Tryed removing the offline files by the GUI, but this doesn't work.
    My soulion was to create a new DWORDValue called FormatDatabase, with the value 1 in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Csc\Parameters

    After a reboot my offline files where really flushed (and this registry key was removed) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/934160

    Don't know waht caused this corrupt csc, but this was the solution...


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