Is HealthVault dying on the internet vine? - Adding My Blue (BCBS) CCR (& Medicare Blue Button data,too) RRS feed

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  • While trying to add to HealthVault a CCR (ccr.xml) downloaded from BCBS MyBlue, (1) using the Add: Continuity of Care (CCR) option in HealthVault, after selecting the file, adding the description, and then clicking the SAVE button,  (2) the file is immediately saved as a Document File not a CCR and the next step, as shown in the video How to Work with CCR/CCD Files... (, does not occur. The saved file has the following content:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <thing-id version-stamp="752823f5-90b9-4c1e-b8b5-98607b940421">843f4c1b-9a24-446e-8b1d-97dbf8de5ac1</thing-id>
    <type-id name="File">bd0403c5-4ae2-4b0e-a8db-1888678e4528</type-id>
    <app-id name="Microsoft HealthVault"> excised...</app-id>
    <person-id name=" excised..."> excised...</person-id>
    <app-id name="Microsoft HealthVault"> excised...</app-id>
    <person-id name=" excised..."> excised...</person-id>
    <note>BCBS 2013-06-23</note>

    However, the content of the ccr.xml file, when opened in OpenOffice, is 92 pages long and appears to be a valid and complete CCR.

    It is also unclear how one integrates Medicare Blue Button data into HealthVault. The video ( is promising, but not very helpful. Can you only add (not integrate) the Medicare Blue Button data? And which file type is one to use, TXT or PDF?

    I am trying to inform patients and caregivers about personal health records (PHR), Blue Button, and available resources (see: HealthVault seemed like a good recommendation. But, so far, I am not finding it living up to its promises and the videos ( don't seem to be up-of-date.

    Is HealthVault dying on the internet vine?

    - Tom

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    Sunday, June 23, 2013 1:31 PM

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  • Tom --- thanks for the feedback and being an evangelist for family engagement in their health. We're most certainly NOT dying on the vine --- the work we do is important to Microsoft and well-embedded in the company.

    Unfortunately, structured interoperability in healthcare still really, well, sucks. We are doing our best to provide great experiences, but years of inattention by the industry makes it a challenge. If your file really is a CCR (and not a CCD or C/CDA), I'll guarantee that it is an invalid file --- we see that happen all the time from EMR systems that never validated they were really generating documents that comply with the standard. If it is a CCD or C/CDA, we're actually doing a deployment today that could fix the issue.

    (We should be way better about error messages through --- that's feedback we've gotten before and we will work on that experience.)

    For your specific data --- a few ways to track down what's up, depending on your appetite for diving into the depths of healthcare interoperability formats. ;) If you don't care about privacy in the file, just send it to me (sean dot nolan at Microsoft dot com) and I can tell you what the issue is. Easy but not my favorite route. You can also visit the page and copy/paste in your CCR data  ... it will attempt to parse it and tell you where the error is. I'm happy to help from there if you share the results with me as well.

    CMS Blue Button files are the same way. When you upload them (using the TEXT format), we should recognize them for what they are and import structured data. Unfortunately, we know that they just updated their file formats too (we only ever learn this from users) and some files aren't parsing.

    Again, happy to help work through these issues (I may hand off to my team but can get it started) with you ... the nice thing is, every broken file we find and fix helps the next patient who is trying to do the right thing.

    It's a big challenge, but we're relentless and committed --- your enthusiasm will be worth it!



    Monday, June 24, 2013 7:37 PM
  • Hello Sean,

    I'm another Tom with similar CCD import problems from eClinicalWorks XML.   I've validated the XML and have had some response from the Escalations Team, but I'm not making progress there.

    If you don't mind, I'll send you the XML to you directly.  The error in the XML may be obvious.  

    Oddly HealthVault will display the data when I click on the file, but it won't import correctly.

    Tom (Strand)

    Friday, June 28, 2013 5:17 PM
  • Hi.

    So I got an email from Health Vault, saying I should download my Medicare information using the Blue Button, and then import it into my Health Vault.

    I went to and signed into; no problems there.  Right away I saw the link to the Blue Button.  "Hey!" I thought, "This ought to be a snap!"

    Wrong!  Seems that Medicare tells you a lot about the Blue Button, except how to initiate the actual download!  Now, I'm not a novice with computers, having been an IT professional for more than 30 years; all I can say is ... What is Medicare doing?  Or, what am I doing wrong?

    I allowed pop-ups from the Medicare site; I used CTRL+Alt to also enable pop-ups, just in case.

    Can anybody tell me how to actually get the Blue Button Download to work?

    Thank you, very much.


    Saturday, July 6, 2013 5:58 PM
  • Alex,

    Likewise, I was involved in IT (on the training side) back when the VA got its health information technology started in the mid 80s. Things haven't changed much; still too much is assumed by developers about what users need to know in order to use the wonderful stuff they've created. Often, it's not obvious how to proceed--even for us oldtimers--and that's surely the case with Blue Button.

    Here's what I have to offer as far as getting your myMedicare Blue Button data:

      1. log in to your account (and click OK in the Continue popup),
      2. click on the Blue Button icon,
      3. select what information you wanted to download,
      4. check the box for Protecting your personal health information, and
      5. click the Submit button,
      6. click the Download txt button, then
      7. name and save the file.

    Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

    - Tom

    - Tom

    Sunday, July 7, 2013 8:13 PM
  • how about now, is it dead now?  It doesn't seem to work at all and it links to a ton of programs that are no longer active.

    if you guys really are still committed, you might want to get with it. Medical is always changing, and it looks like this product is stuck.

    Saturday, November 7, 2015 4:40 AM
  • HealthVault isn't dead. But there's zero support on the medical-system side of things, which makes the job of HealthVault substantially more difficult.

    I don't know what you expect them to "get with," since they're already "with" EHR, but they require data from the medical software industry, which has never been required to make any of their data interoperable.

    Monday, June 6, 2016 2:04 AM