registry.pol being renamed to Registry.pol


  • I have spent quite some time looking into why after a GPO edit, registry.pol will be renamed to Registry.pol. I have not been successful in seeing why this is happening. Manually renaming the file after, while is a fix, is not a long term fix. Ideas?

    Sorry, forgot this info:

    Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain and functional levels.

    8 domain controllers in total.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your post.

    When did this issue start to occur? Before the issue happened, did you do any modifications? Or install any updates?

    Have you tried re-creating the Registry.pol file to have a test?

    To detect the file change, below tools may be helpful to you:

    Process Explorer

    Process Monitor

    If the process holds a handle to the file in question then just run procexp and choose "Find Handle or DLL" from the Find menu then type in part of the file name you're searching for.

    Alternatively (and as mentioned in the comments to the question), to use procmon to find, for example, a file called readme.txt open the filter dialog and set the filter as so:

    Then press the Add button. Make sure there are no other processes that are excluded that might be touching your file.

    Then start capturing events and sit back and wait.

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    Alvin Wang

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