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  • Hi

    I am getting presently this particular error When i am tryin to run the post configuration of fast search for sharpoint 2010.

    I have installed Sharepoint  2010 and Microsoft SQL Server i have given user permission as dbcreator sysadmin e.t.c.
    I have run prereuisite installer successfully.XX\user is a domain user as well.

    Will there be any extra steps that needs to be taken care if we are doing installation of fs4sp and sharepoint both  on same machine.

    PS D:\FASTSearch\installer\scripts> .\psconfig.ps1 -action i -roleName single -userName xx\user -localMachineName -databaseConnectionString xx\SQLEXPRESS -databaseName FASTDB
    Password for user xx\user : ******
    Self signed certificate password for FAST Search Server for SharePoint : *****
    Please wait while Windows configures FAST Search Server for SharePoint. Configur
    ation may take several minutes...
    Login failed. Check that the user name and password is correct.

    An error occurred while validating installer input parameters - Input validation
    See D:\FASTSearch\var\log\installer\Xwrwe.log

    Can anyone help me regarding the above.


    ALtaf Ali

    Monday, April 22, 2013 7:58 AM

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  • Hello Altaf,

    Can you please confirm you followed all steps for a standalone configuration?

    Configure a stand-alone deployment or a multiple server deployment (FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint)

    If so,  please review the following article:

    Installation: Configuration wizard fails (FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint)

    When we see the error:

    Running PSConfig.Get Login failed. Check that the user name and password is correct.

    Possible workaround:
    Log onto the FAST server.
    Navigate to C:\FASTSearch\installer\scripts\
    Make a copy of the psconfig.ps1 script.
    Open psconfig.ps1 in a text editor.
    In the parameters section at the top, find $disjointNamespace and set that from $False to $True.
    Save the script as psconfig.ps1.
    Run the configuration wizard on the FAST server and see if you are now able to put a username password without getting the error message.


    Best Wishes,
    Michael Puangco

    Monday, May 6, 2013 4:04 AM