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  • I have a WD 2T HD 7200 RPM. Plugged in as a USB drive, the transfers speed is 7mg/sec, but if I use it as an internal SATA it's about 190mg/sec. I've tried 3 different USB interfaces with the 2T drive with the same results. Other USB HD's that I have aren't slow like this one is even with the same USB interface.

    I have it set for better performance not quick removal and indexing is turned off. I bought this drive as an external USB HD and it’s 2.0 USB. I put it back in it’s original case and that didn’t help. It certainly wasn’t this slow with XP or WIN 7. Any suggestions?

    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 7:21 AM


  • Hi GerryPeters,

    Given current situation, we need to consider two aspects: HD disk itself and Windows 10 system.

    As you said, this diskcertainly wasn’t this slow with XP or WIN 7”, this is the prerequisite.

    Now, please transfer some data on another Windows 10 machine, if it shows the same condition, it indicates that Windows 10 system influence HD’s transfer speed, please check whether this disk supports Windows 10 system completely, is there any driver need to be updated, also, try to update your Windows 10 computer’s USB driver.

    If this disk transfers fast on another Windows 10 machine, it indicates that both of WD HD and Windows 10 system are ok, your previous computer exists problem, but there is one point makes me very confused, you said that other USB drives shows normal speed on this computer, only this WD HD appears problem, this condition evinces your computer or those USB ports should be fine. Have you made any configuration that just impacting this specific WD drive? I don’t think you will do this.

    Therefore, what I can think of is this WD disk doesn’t support Windows 10 completely, if it is used as a USB device, it can’t show full strength, you could contact WD for assistance, they can give you an exact answer.

    Meanwhile, you could try to check and defrag this drive.

    Best regards.

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    Wednesday, April 20, 2016 3:23 AM