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  • My dear Microsoft Corporation, IT Ladies and Gentlemen: POST: 11:50 EDT, Friday 31 MAY 2019.  I wish to config my own computer sys set-up so that my desktop terminal can, will, and SHALL operate in conjunction withe my equipment set-up, which include: a DOC 3.1 [Comcast/Xfinity] modem, hard wire connected to: my "magicJack GO" VoIP modem, that is similarly hard wired through the DOC 3.1 modem, by way of a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Series 7300, Model: 7310, All-in-One, i.e. FAX, copier, printer, scanner; that which I have primarily designated for FAX Service.    Ladies and Gentlemen: none of my config seems, nor appears to be too difficult to have set-up, nor does is appear to have any volatile or involatile properties, that could or would prevent my set-up from working as planned; but that my config set-up Does Not Work as I had Planned for it to perform.             THE QUESTION, Then, IS THIS: Is there any logical reason as to why this electronic engineering technology student/practitioner, having experienced a traumatic brain injury, along withe having experienced 3rd degree burns to a third (1/3) of my bodily person cannot  -or- is not being allowed to successfully proceed withe the Productive Utilization of my custom Windows10-Professional operating system set-up, as I have planned and intend to employ?

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