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  • hi,

    We are using Microsoft System Center DPM 2012 to back up about 30 servers. About 5 servers are physical and 25 are virtual machines. Of the virtual machines 10 are SQL boxes and about 5 are SharePoint boxes. The rest are much smaller boxes. We have plenty of storage to perform the backups but not all the backups get done every night. Some backups are also pushed back several hours compared to their backup start time.

    Our protection groups are laid out in production, development, clients and two other misc groups with smaller servers. The production, development and clients protection groups are made up of all the SQL and SharePoint VMs. The hard drive sizes of the SQL and SharePoint boxes is on average 130 GBs to 250 GBs.

    Our current backup strategy is Bare Metal Recovery, System State, C drive backups and SQL database for all servers that apply. We have been experiementing with Hyper V backups because we have 3 Hyper V servers that run the VMs.

    Can anyone suggest a backup plan for a Virtualization/Hyper V environment?

    Are the Hyper V backups much better than bare metal recovery/system state backups for our VMs and why?

    Is our 30 servers too much for one DPM server? I have express full backups and recovery points going every night. Should I limit the number of express full backups a night?



    Thursday, June 13, 2013 4:35 PM

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  • The best way to make a good backup plan is to address the common issues beforehand. Here’s some tips: 1) Hyper-V backups are large so make sure you have plenty of free space. The more checkpoints you make, the more storage space you will need. 2) The longer the backup software is performing the backup, the more changes are logged in the delta files. This means that you need to copy the checkpoint as quickly as possible. 3) Backups can require a lot of bandwidth and put stress on your network. Schedule your backups to run during off-business hours. 4) Use backup verification tools and read more about other common Hyper-V backup issues:

    Sunday, August 30, 2020 1:42 PM