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  • I've used SharePoint many times before but I'm having this odd problem with the new version of Foundations that I can't figure out. (I'm having this same issue on two seperate servers with the same version.)

    I created a document library via site setttings. I set up my groups in the A/C that I want to have access to the library and add the members. I then go to the libary, stop it from inherriting from the parent, remove the bad groups, add my good groups and save. The libary is showing on the Quick launch for users who don't have access to it.

    When they click on it, it does give them access denied but it's still showing. On all the other versions I've  worked with before, this has never happened. I even stripped all permissions off of the libary execept for one user permission and it still shows up for everyone else.

    So if you see below, I'm logged in as John and I see the library "Test" on the quick launch. The image below it shows the permissions on the Test libary. What am I doing wrong?

    Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:48 PM


  • I figured this out on my own by accident. When you create a user via the SBS Console, it puts the user into an A/C group called 'Windows SBS SharePoint_MembersGroup". By default, that group has "Can view, add, update, delete, approve and customize the content on the internal Web site". Why the SBS server does this by default, I have no idea.

    I discovered that I had more permissions then I should while I was logged into the restricted account. I was doing some testing and it allowed me to make a site settting change that I shouldn't be able to make as that user.

    I went into the A/C Users and Computers and did a search for any groups that started with "Windows SBS SharePoint" and found a three groups:
    1. Windows SBS SharePoint_VisitorsGroup
    2. Windows SBS SharePoint_OwnersGroup
    3. Windows SBS SharePoint_MemebersGroup.

    All of the users are in the Windows SBS SharePointMemebersGroup. I moved the restricted user into the Windows SBS SharePoint_VistorsGroup and the permsissions now work they way the should. The restricted user only sees the librarires on the Quick Launch bar they have access to.

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