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  • I'm trying to protect an Exchange 2010 DAG from the primary DPM server.  The DAG on the primary DPM server is protecting active Exchange databases on two servers server1 and server2.  When i create the protection group on the 2ndary DPM server, I can pick the databases from one node, but if i pick all the databases under the DAG object (from both exchange servers), I get a VSS error when it does the calculation on the storage requirements.  Should i be able to select multiple databases from different servers or do I need to create separate protection groups?

     An addendum to this....after not being able to reproduce this in my test environment.  I can go back into the same protection group and modify it later,adding the active databases from the other node.  I just can't seem to do this in a one step process, and I believe the error is saying there is a vss error on the primary DPM server.


    The actual error is this


    The operation failed because the data source VSS component 75ba9528-f60f-4431-9a4b-915b42f68b65 is missing.

    Check to see that the protected data source is installed properly  and the VSS writer service is running.

    ID: 915
    Details: The operation completed successfully (0x0)


    Another addendum to this scenario....looks like this is being caused by a single mailbox database on the DAG.  Each server has 3 active 5 out of 6 will back up properly but number 6 gives me the VSS error (on the primary dpm server).  Clicking the more information hyperlink doesn't the id 915 doesn't seem to correlate to anything.  I've put the rollup for March 2011 on both DPM servers...what else can I try?





    Thursday, September 15, 2011 4:41 PM

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  • DPM can protect only one full backup of the Exchange 2010.

    You can choose Copy database if its protected by other server in order to protect the Exchange 2010.

    You can as well check the Exchange database path if its the default naming (when you create exchange 2010 databases then exchange create a folder with numbers) this folder might cause problem in protecting the database.
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    Friday, September 16, 2011 1:44 PM
  • I'm currently only protecting the full backups (active copies) on two nodes.  So I have two servers in a DAG, 6 DBs on each one, 3 being active and 3 being copies.  I'm currently only backing up the active copy of the databases. (no copy backup).  So all 6 active databases are currently being backed up on the primary DPM server, when I select the DAG on the 2ndary DPM server, I can pick all the databases out with the exception of database 6, which gives me the VSS error.  I think I might have to call MS.
    Friday, September 16, 2011 3:46 PM