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  • I have an automated process that sends e-mail often.  It looks as if it has just caused some significant delay on all outbound e-mail including itself.  Note that inbound e-mail was perfectly fine.  In Exchange Message Tracking I see an e-mail having EventID "RECEIVE" and "TRANSFER" at 11:09am and then at 11:39am the e-mail finally shows "SEND" as the EventId.  Where are the rules for outbound delivery in terms of rate limiting?  Or is there something else I need to do to allow my automated task to run and not affect other users?
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 6:30 PM

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  • You could schedule the automated process to run at night.  Otherwise, it's really hard to say without more information about what you're sending.  When the process runs, monitor the SMTP queues to see if it's causing a backlog.

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    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 7:52 PM
  • I'm trying to send a lot (it's not even a lot really) of automated e-mail produced from several websites.  A homemade process generates an e-mail on another server then uses Exchange to relay the message to my customers.  Where do I see the rate limiting in EMC for send and receive connectors?  I only see stuff for limiting size and concurrent connections.  I have already checked logs for abnormally large files and my homemade process has some throttling built into it (send 1 e-mail then sleep for 1 second).  Also, judging by the message tracking this held true when looking for eventid -eq "receive" from that clientip.  I really don't think any kind of throttling held the e-mail but I'd still like to know the default logic of send/receive limits as well as how to tweak them.  Can you help me out there?

    I'd like to know what else can cause large delays like this.  I have compared message-tracking for today vs. every day last week and there is <3% increase/decrease in eventid's "receive" and "send" between the hours of 10:30a and 12:30p.  Could importing large PSTs into mailboxes be a factor because some of that was going on today.

    What is some other logging I can enable to hopefully catch this thing?

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1:07 AM