VPN users show as "guest" in server


  • Hello, I come from here:

    I think I have the same exact problem, and I don't understand the solution.
    Win2008R2 SP1 Foundations server with no AD, just workgroup sharing some folders, and now RRAS server. Shared folders are open to everyone in LAN without user/passwords, but I was thinking about limiting permissions to the new "VPNuser" account. As I'm a totally newbie to Windows permissions, I thought about denying access to vpnuser through NTFS rights of some folders. It doesn't work (totally expected given my ignorance), but now I suspect the problem is that the logged user is not "vpnuser" but "guest" (that's what owner field shows in description when I create a new txt file from the VPN client computer). How can I check the logged user? How could I change it from guest to vpnuser? 

    What's the best way to keep the easy access for any local computer and limit some folders to the vpnuser? Any simple guide to understand permissions, but starting with special users like "Everyone" or "guest" instead of explaining average "Joe" account? 

    Thanks in advance! 

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