how to use properly microsoft project RRS feed

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  • I, i have a problem with the structure of my project hope someone could help.

    My target using this software is to program the work starting from technical department, trough purchasing office, ending in production and test. To have a good understanding of costs, time and (expecially) organization of work.

    Now my problem is that the procedures (for example in technical departement) are 7 ( pre sizing, structural verification, structural calculations, drafting, etc) and the components of our products are many (we manufacture very large installations), around 90 ( i tried to group them the best i can), all the components need these procedures, and these procedures need different skills and consequentially different people to be done. they ask me to organize the people work and target efficiency but im start thinking that there are to many tasks and that i'm using the wrong software.

    Microsoft project could be useful only for the top managment to have the control of costs and time, or also could enter in the work of departements and set the work? if not and the use is for the top managment why the software allow me to set personell? The great number of tasks around 90x7= 630 is crazy or normal?

    thank you very much.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2018 8:58 AM