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  • Documentation around DPM and Azure online protection seems scant to say the least so I'm hoping somebody can help me.

    I have a file server which I'm protecting to disk and then Azure for longer term. Using DPM201R2 UR13. All agents and Azure Agents up to date.

    The volume I'm protecting is about 2.8TB and is now taking an age to complete teh online recovery point. in Fact most of them are not managing to complete becauase they are taking so long the operation has to be cancelled due to requirement to run updates or some such. When allowed to complete they are taking over 100 hours.

    Now I have had to recreate the protection of this volume at least twice in the past due to some corruption issues on the DPM disk staging and because of some restructuring of the protected data. Each time I have to do this I opt to remove the disk protection, but retain the Online protection (because I really don't want to lose my online backups of this data source). Then reprotect the volume.

    Disk based protection always works fine, but I have a suspicion now that when I'm creating an on-line recovery point it is now creating it against the current but also previous 'incarnations' of my online backups - which is why it takes so long.

    My reason for this suspicion is that I can see in resource monitor that the CBengine process scans through the whole volume multiple times in creating the online recovery point . And also by total storage in Azure has increased significantly each time.

    So my question is - if I find myself in a similar situation whereby I find I have to recreate protection for a group, server, or volume - what option should i use to ensure I keep my online protection , but 're-attach' the recreated protection to the existing online recovery points?

    Secondly - if what I suspect above is true - how can i Fix this mess and get by online recovery points backup to speed again?

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017 3:53 PM


  • house keeping - closing old post.

    The steps you are doing is the proper way to maintain online backups.   Online backups are performed in one of two ways.

    1)  Full volume Scan (un-optimized) - this is performed if the previous online backup failed for any reason.  This scan checks every file on the replica and compares them to the data in AZURE only only transmits changed file blocks - this will take a long time if you have millions of files.

    2) File Scan (optimized) - this is the normal way and only has to scan files that have changed since the last successful backup and transmits changed file blocks.

    Mike Jacquet

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