Exchange 2010 - Outlook Anywhere stopped working after mailbox: EXTEST_33788774A21E4 was excluded.


  • Good afternoon,

    After installing Exchange 2010 and the creation of the users, did the activation and test Outlook Anywhere with success in certain branches.
    However in the middle of the mailboxes had created a mailbox called: EXTEST_33788774A21E4 unfortunately this mailbox with a user account EXTEST_33788774A21E4 was excluded from the AD. After the exclusion of that user and his mailbox Outlook anywhere stopped working in all branches ....

    When performing the command: "Test-OutlookConnectivity-Protocol: Http" the same returns that the mailbox EXTEST_33788774A21E4 was not found.
    As you can reconnect the disconnected mailbox to a user, I do not know how to bring back the user EXTEST_33788774A21E4 back in AD ...
    I created the user again in despair EXTEST_33788774A21E4 EXTEST_33788774A21E4 with the password, and associated the disconnected mailbox to it and ran the command "Test-OutlookConnectivity-Protocol: Http", the result was as follows:

    ClientAccessServer Mailbox Database Scenario Result Latency Error Banco1 Auto Discovery: Soli ... Success 78.00 Banco1 RFRI: GetReferral. Failed -1.00 Banco1 NSPI: GetProfileDetails. Failed -1.00 Banco1 Mailbox:: Connect. Failed -1.00 Banco1 Mailbox:: Login. Ignored ... -1.00

    Somebody give me a help please?
    Thursday, September 16, 2010 8:45 PM

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