Preparing for 10 upgrade with data on as separate RAID 1 array (not on C drive). RRS feed

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  • I cannot get this question answered and I keep getting thrown around to different areas, some not even related.

    I have a question on upgrading to 10 that I need cleared up. I have 3 hard drives installed in my computer. The C drive is an SSD drive in which I have my operating system and programs on. I have my data (documents, pictures, music, videos, etc...) on a separate RAID 1. I need to make sure that this is preserved in the upgrade and that they will continue to operate correctly as I have them now after the upgrade.

    My question is what is the upgrade process to preserve my data RAID that is separate from the C drive?

    I don't want to have problems after I upgrade and mess up my configuration. I am currently running Windows 7 Professional and my RAID is software based.

    Thursday, August 6, 2015 2:04 PM