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  • I have software with proprietary license. For some reasons I need an AGPL library (DLL). So, for including the AGPL licensed application (To manage license terms) I am using the following methods (I noted the below steps after searching so many sites and referring many advices):

    Make a separate interface/ intermediate freeware application. Download that intermediate app in my main software when user clicks on the menu/ it is required at any point. This intermediate app will have option to download the AGPL (Or any open source libraries like LGPL etc.) application upon user's confirmation for its license terms.

    I am not integrating the interface/intermediate application with my proprietary software. Instead, I use commandline to run the intermediate application from the main software.

    Is the above mentioned method is legal and can I implement this on my software? Or is there any changes needed to my method of integration so that I can use the AGPL licensed app in my proprietary software?

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    Friday, April 20, 2018 7:33 AM