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  • Current setup is an onsite DPM 2016 server with a secondary DPM 2016 server offsite, but in the same city.  I really like the idea of moving to MABS (v3 when it comes out eventually) and eliminating the need for a secondary backup at the branch office for better geographic redundancy in Azure.  However, one sticky point I have is backing up the MABS server itself.  For example, in the case of a tornado that takes out the MABS Server which is located in the same datacenter as my servers I currently back up, I would be out of luck because I couldn't restore from the Azure vault without the valid MABS server.  I could set a Windows Server Backup on MABS to an external disk as suggested on other articles I've read, but that does no good during a natural disaster.  I could keep some sort of NAS or server at the offsite server to just store the Windows Server backup image of MABS, but I really want to eliminate hardware and software licensing for the branch office and again...tornado situation.  Maybe for the purposes of backup it's MABS, plus Azure Site Recovery for DR.  As an SMB, that seems overly complicated though.

    Another thought - Azure Backup agent (MARS) on the MABS server for system state backup to Azure, plus SQL's built-in backup and make that folder part of the Azure Backup job since MABS isn't application aware for SQL?  Would that work?
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    This is a good question, for best redundancy I agree that you would need to consider another option than having two DPM servers in the same city, I suppose your secondary DPM server is backing up the primary DPM server?

    You can always keep going on about, for example if Site A has gone down and then Site B also, what happens next and so on. The same with Azure, what if it goes down as well, well we need to stop at some point and really think of the probability of this happening, which is likely to be very minimal.

    Here are a few alternatives:

    Alternative 1

    • Backup everything to Azure, including the DPM server itself.

    Alternative 2

    • Have a secondary DPM server in Azure.

    Alternative 3

    • Backup the DPM server with a Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) in Azure.

    If these alternatives are not redundant enough, then you can set up a storage replication in Azure to another geographic location.

    Let's say you picked one of the alternatives and also set up a storage replication, now you would have redundancy for the backup servers and it's data.

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  • Some good thoughts Leon.  Appreciate it
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