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  • The file association should have an additional parameter mimetype. The parameter should default as empty if it's not specified so that it refers to all unassociated mimetypes of that extension. Additionaly the parameter should support the | character so that multiple mimetypes are specified. If there is multiple of the same extension in the list then the system should try to get the mimetype of the file being fed before choosing which program to load, if it can't find the mimetype then it should create a dialogue where the user can choose what program should load it. I was thinking the reg structure would be something like below:
    + NORMAL ____ (1)
         + ACTIVE : DEFAULT = YES, LAST = 00
         + _00
           + MIMETYPE : DEFAULT =
           + NORMAL ____ (2)
    If the ACTIVE paramter is not YES then NORMAL ____ (1) will be loaded but if it is YES then the file being fed should have it's mimetype read and the system should keep going through the _00 to _LAST (the underscore is because I don't know if the reg can handle names starting with numbers) until it finds one with that mimetype in the MIMETYPE : DEFAULT, then it would simple load NORMAL ____ (2) which would be created when the user goes to the file association dialouge, clicks the EXTENSION, clicks ADVANCED, checks the MIMETYPES button and then clicks it there the first record would be EMPTY (unless the user has already modified the reg) with the NORMAL ____ (1) being copied into that records NORMAL ____ (2) and NORMAL ____ (2) would have it's own dialouge.
    Only reason I thought of this is because on very rare occasions I end up with multiple applications for the same EXTENSION yet with different mimetypes, so I decided to think of something that could be backwards compatible and not require programs to change the way they're installed.
    Saturday, December 12, 2009 2:38 AM